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ASOnlineTraining institute provides the best Amazon Web Services Online Training course is designed by it experts with the information technology (it) industry our tutors are well experienced in AWS Online Training and certified trainers will share their experience, tips and tricks in the AWS Training course .

Aksonsoft provides real-time and placement targeted AWS Training in Bangalore, india.Our amazon cloud aws course includes primary to advanced level and our amazon web services course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in India as quickly as once you complete the AWS Training course. Our amazon web services (aws) tutors are amazon cloud aws certified experts and 9 years experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple amazon web services projects knowledge. We have designed our amazon web services (aws) course content and syllabus based on students demand to achieve everyone's career goal. We offered real time practical oriented training and as well as placement focused for amazon course in hyderabad.

AWS Online Training Content

Cloud Training

  • Introduction to Cloud.
  • Types of Cloud

Linux for AWS

  • Introduction to Linux.
  • Overview of UNIX
  • History of Linux
  • Linux architecture
  • Kernel
  • Shell
  • Understanding Linux commands
  • Linux file Hierarchy Concepts
  • Listing files and Directories : ls
  • more and less command
  • Creating and viewing the files : cat
  • Creating, Modifying, Changing and Removing directories : mkdir, cd, rmdir
  • Moving and Renaming files : mv
  • Copying a files : cp command with attributes
  • Deleting a files : rm command with attributes
  • Links – Hard Link and Soft Link
  • Absolute path name, Relative path name
  • Comparisons
  • Cmp, comm., diff
  • Compressions
  • Zip, gzip
  • Chmod, chown
  • Filter Commands
  • find commands with attributes.
  • String Processing
  • head, tail, wc, sort, uniq
  • cut, paste
  • String Processing with regular expressions
  • Sed, grep


  • Introduction Process concepts
  • Process basics
  • Process commands

Job Control

  • at, batch, cron


Module 1: Introduction & History to AWS

  • About Amazon AWS.
  • Navigate the AWS Management Console
  • AWS offering services and solutions.
  • Getting start with AWS.
  • Types of security credentials.
  • Recognize AWS Global Infrastructure
  • Describe the security measures AWS provides
  • Describe about Regions and zones
  • AWS Marketplace softwares.
  • AWS Billing and Cost Management

Module 2: Compute Services & Networking

  • Features of EC2 instance
  • Types and price of EC2 instance
  • Create and setup an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Generate AWS Keys(pem & ppk)
  • Security groups.
  • Elastic IP.
  • Identify the different AWS compute and networking options
  • Describe an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Amazon VPC concepts.
  • Scenarios of AWS VPC
  • VPC with a public subnet only.
  • VPC with Public and Private Subnets.
  • VPC with Public and Private Subnets and Hardware VPN Access
  • VPC with a Private Subnet Only and Hardware VPN Access
  • VPC and Subnets
  • Verify how to use Amazon EBS
  • About ELB and configuration
  • Amazon Machine Image(AMI) creation

Module 3: AWS Storage & Content Deliver

  • Identify key AWS storage options
  • Describe Amazon EBS
  • Difference between EBS and instance base volumes
  • About Amazon S3, benefits and pricing.
  • Signup for S3 bucket.
  • Create an Amazon S3 bucket and manage associated objects
  • Delete an object and bucket.

Module 4: AWS Managed Services & Databas

  • About Amazon RDS and features
  • Amazon RDS components.
  • Create RDS instances using different databases

Module 5: Deployment and Management

  • Identify AWS Cloud Formation
  • CreateStack, ListStacks, StackResources
  • Describe Amazon CloudWatch metrics and alarms
  • Monitoring Amazon EC2 Instances using cloud watch.
  • Monitoring Own Custom Metrics
  • Describe Amazon Identity and Access Management (IAM)

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