Machine Learning Training

The trend of Machine learning has been growing immensely among the professionals’ at large companies. It is all about mastering the much-required concepts like classification, clustering, regression and prediction. A professional course by the experts at ASOnlineTraining  shall make you a master at the machine learning training. Let’s find out more about the course!

Machine Learning Online Training Curriculum

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Why opt for Machine Learning online training?

Machine learning has become a popular course worldwide. There is a huge demand among the professionals in the growing companies to understand the ins and outs of machine learning.

The demand size of this course in 2016 was USD 1.03 billion that is expected to go beyond USD 8.81 in 2022. The same has been determined during the forecast period at the Compound Annual Growth Rate, CAGR, that was found to be 44.1%.

Why take this course

The Machine Learning online training at ASOnlineTraining is an advanced certification course that will help you master yourself in the domain using the Python language. It includes identification of the primary algorithms, theoretical principles and the ultimate applications of machine learning. Once you complete the course, you will be well equipped with the mathematical and heuristic facets of machine learning. This will help you attain a prodigious insight of several machine learning models. The course will moreover help you comprehend how the theory is to be put to its practical applications enabling you to master reinforcement learning, deep learning and various other progressive techniques. These techniques include support vector machines, dimensionality reduction etc. that help you acquire the skills of an expert machine learning engineer.

What you will learn

You will be able to identify several applications of the machine learning algorithms, classify the learning into supervised and unsupervised, comprehend the classification of data and models and perform supervised techniques such like linear and logistic regression. The course will further help you create robust machine learning models, implement various regression models, deliver a robust analysis and make accurate predictions, opt for the best algorithm to solve any machine learning problem, etc.

Who can take this course?

Since there is a massive demand for the machine learning engineers in all sectors of the industry, anyone with an intermediate level of experience can take up this course. The course at Aksonsoft is specially designed for:

  • The developers who seek to pursue their profession as data scientists and machine learning engineers;
  • Business analysts who want to learn and comprehend the data science techniques;
  • Architects who aim to become machine learning experts;
  • Analytical managers leading a team of analysts or who intend to work in either artificial intelligence or machine learning;
  • Professionals who strive to understand the concept of machine learning in their respective fields in order to get a better insight of their customers; and
  • Graduates who want to build their career with machine learning in data science.

Live training at ASOnlineTraining

This curriculum is designed and developed by Aksonsoft keeping in mind the latest trends and demands of the market. The live online training is backed by the recorded training sessions and material to allow the learners pursue the course at their own pace. The recorded sessions help the students cover up anything that they miss during the live sessions. Thus, the Machine learning training is developed in a way that not only professionals but the fresh graduates can also participate actively and become advanced machine learning users.

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