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devops training

What is DevOps:-

In current IT industry we have developers, testers, Build n Release and sysadmin guys to Develop any application/project life cycle. To collaborate between these team members is very difficult because they don't know each other perfectly in terms of technology that they are using. Currently many companies are looking for DevOps engineer to reduce cost on employment. DevOps engineer should know full complete life cycle of project. For example he or she should have an idea about what these guys (developer, tester, build and release and sysadmins are doing. He or she is interface between all these guys. He or she should be replaced with build and release and sysadmins guys. So that company can reduce employment resource and at the same time project movement also will go fast.

DevOps Online Training Pre-requisite

Devops Engineer should have knowledge on both environments like build and release as well as sysadmins. One should have knowledge on couple of technologies like one automation tool, CI tool, Version control system, Virtualization tools, Complete Operating system knowledge and one of the monitoring tools.

About the Trainer

I have 13+ years of experience in sysadmin and DevOps role. We are giving complete DevOps Training with real-time examples. We are going to cover most of the DevOps tools used in current organizations. We are providing DevOps Online Training on Linux Operating system, Automation tools like Puppet/chef/ansible,CI tools like Jenkins with ant/maven configuration to build and deploy jobs, Container/Virtualization concepts like Docker/Vagrant, Version control systems like SVN/GIT, Monitoring tool like Nagios, Public cloud like AWS. With these technologies one can become a DevOps engineer.

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