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tibco spotfire training

Tibco Spotfire Training in Bangalore with vast experienced Experts at ASOnlineTraining. Aksonsoft provides Best Tibco Spotfire Online Training in india with 10+ years of experienced professionals. The Tibco suite offered at Aksonsoft provides a thorough understanding of the various TIBCO platforms and related technologies. Spotfire Online Training is designed to offer the most effective practical training, using real-time examples to explore the subject.

Tibco Spotfire is a software platform that allows customers to analyze data using statistics. Tibco Spotfire Training handles data visualization, analytic dashboards and applications, and forward-looking predictive analysis. With Spotfire enterprise analytics, businesses can create and publish new analytic applications and interactive reports in minutes and share their findings and reports throughout the company.Spotfire is a powerful tool for consultants, business analysts, or managers seeking to better understand data and gain richer insights.

Tibco Spotfire Online Training Curriculum

Reporting Concepts

  • Slicing and dicing measures
  • Measure breakup along dimensions
  • Measure/Value axis
  • Dimension/Category/Discrete axis
  • Popular chart types and it uses
  • Traditional reporting v/s new age reporting
  • Underlying Data Table

Dashboarding concepts

  • Architecture
  • Filters

Column properties (Hands-On)

  • Calculated columns
  • Hierachies
  • Column binning
  • Sort Order
  • Properties
  • Formatting

Data visualization best practices

  • When to use a bar chart
  • How to show trends (Line chart)
  • Compare between 2 measures

Loading data into Spotfire (Hands-On)

  • Files (Excel, Text, CSV & MS-Access)
  • Clipboard
  • Database (Oracle or SQL Server)
  • Information Links (Oracle/MS-Access/SQL Server)

Joining multiple data tables (Hands-On)

  • Managing relations
  • Filtering in relations
  • Include filtered rows only
  • Exclude filtered rows out
  • Ignore filtering

Load-time transformations (Hands-On)

  • Pivot
  • UnPivot
  • Calculate new columns
  • Rename the column
  • Change data type & formatting

Replacing data table (Hands-On)

Reloading data

Insert External Data (Hands-On)

  • Rows
  • Columns

Datatable properties (Hands-On)

  • Embedded in Analysis
  • Linked to Source
  • Refreshing data

Visualizations (Hands-On)

  • Table
  • Cross table
  • Bar chart
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical
    • Side-by-side
    • Stacked
    • 100% stacked
    • One axis with single scale
    • Multiple axis
  • Pie chart
    • Graphical Table
    • Treemap
    • Map chart & Shape Files
    • Box plot
    • Combination chart
    • Line chart
    • Scatter plot
    • Summary table
    • Heat map
    • 3D scatter plot
    • Drill-down Analysis

Visualization properties (Hands-On)

  • Data table & Create hyperlinks to URLs within Tables
  • Marking
  • Detailed visualization
  • Data limiting using expressions
  • Axis selectors
  • Using custom expressions
  • Axes
    • X axis
    • Y Axis
    • Colour-by axis
    • Size axis
    • Shape axis
    • Area axis
  • Trellis
  • Legend
  • Lines & curves
  • Tooltip
  • Formatting
  • Sorting
  • Ranking
  • Show only Top-n records
  • Ranking
  • Understand Date & Time Groupings and Fiscal Year Offsets
  • Details-on-Demand Panel

Colouring schemas

Filters (Hands-On)

  • Types of filters
    • Radio
    • Checkbox
    • List
    • Text
    • Item
    • Range
  • Organizing filters
  • Filtering Scheme

Page navigation

  • Titled tabs
  • Step-by-step
  • History Arrows

Over expressions (Hands-On)

  • Simulating group by as in SQL
  • Comparing values on X axis over time periods

Text area (Hands-On)

  • Document properties
  • Axis selector using document properties
  • Chaning colour by axis using document properties
  • Changing data limiting of a visualization using document properties
  • Creating custom filters
  • Inserting dynamic Item
    • Sparkline
    • Calculated value
    • Icon
    • Bullet graph
  • Insert Property Controls
    • Label
    • Input field
    • Input field (multiple lines)
    • Drop down list
    • List box
    • List box (multiple select)
    • Slider
  • Inserting Action controls
    • Actions
    • Script
  • Bookmarks
    • Normal bookmarks
    • Special bookmarks
    • Public & private bookmarks
  • Inserting web links
  • Inserting pictures

Spotfire Server

  • Managing library
  • Managing users
  • Publishing dashboads
  • Web player

Information Designer (Hands-On)

  • Information Link
  • Loading Data-on-demand
  • Columns
  • Filter
  • Joins
  • Parameters
  • Editing SQL
  • Implementing data security
  • Personalized Information Link
  • Parameterized Information Link

Introduction to Python Scripting (Hands-On)

After you have completed our Spotfire Training, you are cordially invited to take an active part in Knowledge assessments. These are some of the best ways to verify your knowledge and how much you have griped. With the help of our certified professional program, all the aspiring IT experts will get to know more about the opportunity to check out their skills with the available TIBCO products and objectives.

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